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Bemærk: Dette virker kun, hvis det ikke regner. Kjeld Vaernet who also enjoyed great success in curing many sexual deviants in Europe.

Carl Vaernet died Our e-mail to DF was given to a Danish news agency, Ritzau, which spread 8 newstelegrammes published in 16 newspapers. The Danish medical association the 23rd August after 2 e-mails from us asking about Vaernet wrote about "A blot of shame on the Danish medical profession". After a lenghty delay by the Justice ministry that was critisized in the media, Ritzau at last got hold of the first secret documents  in the Rigs-archive revealing how the case against Vaernet was mysteriously dropped in by the Justiceminister against strong advise from the state prosecution. Friday 3 Dec.


Within the framework of the Ernest Mandel section of our TrotskyanaNet website we are presenting as an ongoing project the Ernest Mandel Bibliography which records writings by as well as about the late Ernest Mandel Apr. By this bibliographic labour of love we would like to pay honour to an outstanding academic figure and remarkable political activist who - particularly during the s and s - was one of the most distinguished, prominent and original personality of the non-Stalinist and non-reformist Left worldwide, one of the most respected Marxist economists and a long-time leader of the Trotskyist Fourth International. Once calling himself "a Flemish internationalist of Jewish origin", Ernest Mandel can be put in a line of "Non-Jewish Jews", to paraphrase a well-known formulation of Isaac Deutscher, whose stance was uncompromisingly internationalist and whose very intention was to resolve humanity's vital question "socialism or barbarism" in favour of socialism and to "overthrow all relations in which man is a debased, enslaved, forsaken, despicable being" K. In the tradition of such outstanding Marxists like Rosa Luxemburg or Leon Trotsky, scholarly and theoretical work on the one side and revolutionary, propagandistic, political and organisational activities on the other side were inseparably linked in Ernest Mandel, thus "belonging to a species that has become increasingly endangered in [the] second half of the twentieth century: theoreticians of militant Marxism.

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Ernest Mandel. So I just forge ahead. Vers la programmation d'une pause salairiale? hans einmal gay friend

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