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Legend of korra gay stupid - for that

Cancelled due to Incompetence and Stupidity! Housewife gets sucked into alternate world populated by nitwit dummies with long noses.


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The Legend of Korra - Bad Lip Reading (by KaiserNeko)

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Much happiness due to the growth in number of character driven plots. Though… Feb the past years it has felt, as if most chances taken are with content topics, and not really with story and character development. Drama tear-jerking, sure. But any real depth to the whole of the series? No, sadly, no.

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Did anyone else really hate the Legend of Korra series Finale? LEGEND OF KORRA GAY STUPID


I mean: AI running surveillance or the whole Earth, no big difference I mourned the unexpected departure of a lead role. Titles in red  are shows with time travel elements, which are of particular interest to me; embedded links here lead to wikipedia pages. Is it a… gasp… web-series!!? Totally nail-bitingly so! Possibly it was a projection? I wonder whom now will guard Humanity against reason and empathic conduct? Legend of korra gay stupid