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scientific name for gay


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More than any other, the idea of normalisation has provoked deep divisions within queer activism both at a philosophical and also at a political level. At the root of these divisions lies the irreconcilable divergence between an agenda for social change, which advocates the need for society to accept all sexual behaviours and identities as normal, and an approach of radical resistance against some social structures that can only offer a bourgeois and conformist normalisation. Literary fiction and homo-gay-queer themed cinema have explored these and other sides of the idea of normalisation and have thus contributed to the taking of decisive steps: from the poetics of transgression towards the poetics of celebration and social transformation. In this paper we examine two of these literary normalisation strategies: the use of humour and the proliferation of discursive perspectives both in the cinema and in narrative fiction during the last decades. Literatura Queer en España.

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Queer Literature in Spain: Pathways to Normalisation

And institutions and systems that affect the health of LGBT people have evolved within a society that has historically stigmatized those populations, and this has important implications for their ability to address the needs of sexual and gender minorities. After conducting an investigation, through its Gender and Sexual Diversity Committee, established that "the different sexual orientations are no deviations or mental illness, therefore, there is no disease to cure. There is no threat to the institution of marriage, but precisely the opposite: this law recognizes and values marriage. Ellos saben, como ironizan Fonseca e Cardarello , de las dificultades que atraviesan los que no han sido rebautizados bajo una categoría políticamente correcta. By the s, many community-based antiviolence organizations around the United States were conducting community patrols, documenting violent incidents, providing victim services, working with local law enforcement agencies, and organizing violence prevention programs e. Retrieved 12 May Credit required. Prominent names Apart from the names in the Amsterdam vice squad letter, also some Jewish gays are mentioned in a letter by esquire Schorer see article by Marina van der Klein, www. Scientific Name For Gay

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